Prince William made headlines two years ago amid claims that he cheated on Kate Middleton with their good friend, Rose Hanbury.

Several tabloids and publications reported about the alleged affair for weeks.

However, Prince William and Middleton never addressed the issue until the rumors just died down naturally.

Now, royal commentator Angela Levin is weighing on the speculations that Prince William cheated on his wife.

During an interview on the Royals podcast, Levin said that in her opinion, it’s unlikely for Prince William to have cheated on Middleton.

“I don’t think William is the sort that would ever put his marriage or the monarchy in jeopardy,” she said.

Levin also pointed out that Prince William and Middleton are both close to Hanbury because they’re friends.

But to say that there was something inappropriate between the Duke of Cambridge and Hanbury was just unfounded.

Levin also noted the fact that the cheating rumors just died naturally. This proves that there’s no substance to them.

But even though there was never any proof that the future king cheated on Middleton, Levin said that she’s certain the rumors affected the couple’s relationship.

It was, reportedly, a very tense time for Prince William and Middleton because it was the only scandal that hit them since they got married.

And even though the rumors are nothing more than that, anything that’s written about Prince William – the future king of Britain – will certainly make headlines.

Meanwhile, the tabloids continued to concoct stories about Prince William having an affair with Hanbury last year.

In November, Globe claimed that Prince William continued his relationship with Hanbury even after Middleton ordered him to end their affair.

After learning that Prince William and Hanbury are still hanging out, the Duchess of Cambridge, allegedly, threatened her husband with a $250 million divorce.

One week later, the same tabloid claimed that Queen Elizabeth is furious with Middleton for leaving Prince William after the latter cheated on her.

The future queen consort took Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis to her parents’ home after the scandal broke out.

And when the queen found out that they left Prince William alone, she was upset with Middleton.

The monarch also, allegedly, blamed the mom of three for Prince William’s infidelity. After all, the queen thinks that her grandson wouldn’t have cheated on his wife if Middleton was more affectionate towards him.

However, none of these claims are true. Middleton never left Prince William. And he never cheated on her.