Prince William’s allegedly fling with Rose Hanbury is once again making headlines after the latter’s husband’s sighting.

In its June 14 issue, New Idea claimed that Hanbury’s husband was recently photographed without his wedding band.

And a source claimed that this is a sign that Hanbury and her husband’s marriage is already on the rocks.

Two years ago, Hanbury made headlines amid claims that she was having an affair with Prince William. The dad of three never denied the allegations, but the rumors just died down naturally.

According to royal experts, Prince William’s legal counsel urged the tabloids to stop publishing the story about him and Hanbury or they would take legal action.

However, it seems that New Idea is unfazed by the threat.

“The toxic story, though false, gained a life of its own and caused William, Catherine, and Rose to consider taking legal action,” royal expert Andrew Morton said.

Last year, Morton also commented on the matter by saying that Middleton did the right thing when she refused to react to the rumors. And the Duchess of Cambridge handled the issue calmly.

In the end, Prince William and Middleton came out of the rumors stronger and more dedicated to each other. And until today, the royal couple remains as happy as ever.

Meanwhile, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge also made headlines recently after they seemingly started a new trend.

After Prince Harry and Meghan Markle welcomed their second child, the Cambridges posted a touching tribute on Instagram to commemorate Lilibet Diana’s arrival.

But eagle-eyed netizens noticed that Prince William and Middleton removed Prince Harry and Markle’s royal titles in their post.

Following the Sussexes’ Megxit, Queen Elizabeth stripped them of their royal titles. But they were able to retain the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

However, several royal experts are urging the queen to further strip the couple of their Sussex titles because they are allegedly using them to make money.

Even though no official decision has been made, Prince William and Middleton already got rid of their title on their social media post.

Some critics are now saying that this was the couple’s way of putting their foot down on the matter.

However, it is also possible that Prince William and Middleton didn’t use the Duke and Duchess of Sussex title because Prince Harry and Markle are no longer considered as working royals and are simply part of their family.