Meghan Markle allegedly questioned Prince Harry nonstop about his true relationship with Riley Ganzi after he got home from his polo match.

In its September 13 issue, Woman’s Day claimed that Markle was upset when she saw how close Prince Harry was to the stunning brunette.

A source alleged that the Duchess of Sussex doesn’t have problems with Prince Harry making friends with other women. But the issue was she didn’t know who Ginza was before their photos were released online.

In the photos, Prince Harry wrapped his arm around Ginza.

“They looked super comfortable together like they go way back. They were all too happy to pose arm in arm on the podium, too. I bet Meghan wasn’t pleased about that, given how pretty she is,” the source said.

But the tabloid revealed that Prince Harry and Ginza have known each other for years. And their families also know each other.

However, they also insisted that Markle became upset after seeing how close Prince Harry and Ginza were.

“Meghan knows she’ll have to get used to Harry being seen with beautiful women on the charity circuit, but she didn’t realize quite how close he was with Riley. I doubt she’ll stay at home for any future events with the Ganzis, just to be safe. I’m sure Harry got a rigorous questioning after that scene on the podium with Riley,” the source said.

This week, New Idea also published a similar story about Markle by saying that she was enraged to see her husband flirting with another woman.

However, this is an obvious attack on the Duchess of Sussex because it’s unlikely for her to not know Prince Harry’s friends.

If the Duke of Sussex is as close to Ganzi as what the tabloid is saying, he must have already introduced her to Markle after all these years.

It’s also unlikely for Markle to feel insecure just because Prince Harry was photographed with a beautiful woman. The Duchess of Sussex seems to be very confident about herself.

And the allegation that Markle questioned Prince Harry nonstop about Ganzi isn’t true either. After all, there’s no reason for her to do this because her husband must have updated her during the entire match.

It is also important to note that Markle opted not to attend the polo match because she’s busy taking of her children and not because she just didn’t want to be there.