Margot Robbie and Brad Pitt reportedly had a blast working together in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. But they didn’t get the support of the actress’s husband, Tom Ackerley.

In its September 13 issue, Woman’s Day claimed that Ackerley has always felt insecure because of Robbie and Pitt’s chemistry, but he tried to hold it in.

But after rumors claimed that Robbie became smitten with her co-star, Ackerley suddenly turned into a cling and needy person.

“Tom keeps calling Margot to check-in and asks her all these questions. It’s driving her crazy,” the source said.

So, when Ackerley found out that Robbie and Pitt would be working again, he couldn’t help but feel worried.

“He became convinced Margot was enamored with Brad the last time they worked side-by-side,” the source said.

Two years ago, Life & Style also claimed that the co-stars snuck off for lunch and dinner when they thought no one was looking. And Robbie and Pitt also allegedly hung out in each other’s trailers.

However, none of these rumors are true. And it’s obvious that the tabloids are reviving the dating speculations because Robbie and Pitt will be starring in a movie again.

The A-listers are nothing more than friends. But there is no denying the fact that they have strong chemistry together. This could also be the reason why Robbie was cast in Babylon.

Meanwhile, Robbie and Ackerley are not having problems in their marriage. In fact, the couple stayed strong even when they were forced to live apart because of the pandemic.

During a recent interview, Robbie said that she and her husband make it a point to see each other whenever there’s a chance for them to reunite.

The actress also declared that being married is one of the most fun things ever. And since she’s now a wife, she wants to be a better version of herself.

Robbie’s recent statements prove that she is happily married to Ackerley. So, it’s unlikely for her to cheat on her husband with Pitt.

It seems Pitt is also being linked to a slew of women for the simple reason that he’s still single after all these years.

Last year, Angelina Jolie’s ex-husband also sparked rumors that she’s dating model Nicole Poturalski just because they were photographed together. However, the actor never confirmed the real status of their relationship.