Queen Elizabeth allegedly forced Prince William and Prince Harry to reconcile after years of being estranged.

In its September 13 issue, OK! magazine claimed that the queen has finally had enough after realizing that her grandsons won’t reconcile if she didn’t intervene.

A source claimed that the queen also wanted her grandsons to remember that she’s still on top of everything even though she’s already 95 years old.

So, she decided to reach out to Prince William and Prince Harry, as well as their respective wives, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, and urged them to make peace.

“With gentle and firmness, she finally brokered peace between the two couples. She neither scolded nor coddled but stated they must put an end to their feud for the sake of the institution,” the source said.

Following the queen’s intervention, Prince William and Prince Harry started talking to each other again.

As of late, Prince William and Prince Harry still do not consider themselves best friends. But the important thing is, there’s progress between the brothers.

Other than Prince William and Prince Harry’s feud, the queen also plans to address Prince Andrew’s scandal. After all, she was left panicked following all the allegations against him.

The source said that the queen is left with no other choice but to address Prince Andrew’s scandal because stepping down from his royal duties is no longer enough.

His accuser, Virginia Roberts Giuffre continues to accuse Prince Andrew of sexual abuse, and she has also threatened to bring her allegations to court.

As such, the monarch is forced to take matters into her own hands.

“She may be Andrew’s mother, but she’s also his queen and that role always comes first,” the source said.

However, not all the tabloid’s claims are accurate. For one, it’s unclear why Prince William and Prince Harry’s feud is once again being revisited when the brothers have not given any interview lately.

So, it is also unlikely for the queen to suddenly want to take matters into her own hands now. If she really wanted to help Prince William and Prince Harry reconcile, she would’ve done so years ago.

The queen has also stayed mum over Prince Andrew’s sexual abuse scandal. And it’s unlikely for her to speak on her son’s behalf.

If the Duke of York is mum on the issue, it’s unlikely for the queen to be the first one to address it publicly.