Queen Elizabeth and Camilla Parker Bowles will allegedly see Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in court.

In its September 13 issue, Globe claimed that Camilla encouraged the queen to file a lawsuit against the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

After all, Prince Harry and Markle continue to criticize the royal family during their interviews. And Prince Charles has been at the receiving end of their low blows.

Since the Duchess of Cornwall is not thrilled with what Prince Harry and Markle have been saying about her husband, she asked the queen to take matters into her own hands.

Immediately after, the queen decided to organize a libel team that would go after Prince Harry and Markle in court. And she has Camilla and Prince Charles’ full support.

“I don’t think Camilla will ever forgive Meghan for what she’s done to the Prince of Wales. Her Royal Highness and Camilla have finally had it with Meghan and Harry’s repeated attacks against the family,” the source said.

The insider added that the partnership seems ironic because the queen and Camilla were never close. But they are teaming up to take down Prince Harry and Markle.

If there’s one thing the two senior royals have Markle to thank for is that she brought them closer to each other.

“Meghan thought she could get public sympathy for her and Harry, and big-money deals by playing the victim car. But now, the queen is set to sic her legal bounds on the pair and take them to court to show what ingrates and liars they are – as well as force them to pay millions in damages,” the source said.

However, the tabloid’s claims are not necessarily accurate. And its timing doesn’t make much sense.

Prince Harry and Markle have not said anything about the royal family recently so it’s unclear why they are still being accused of not stopping the attacks.

Since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have not been attacking the royal family for weeks, it’s unlikely for the queen and Camilla to suddenly be offended by their actions.

It’s obvious that the tabloid is just concocting a lie about the royal family for clickbait.

It is also unlikely for the queen to file a lawsuit against Prince Harry and Markle because she has shied away from personal matters. The queen also has a wonderful relationship with the Sussexes.