Joe Biden’s critics have been insisting that he suffers from dementia.

In its September 13 issue, National Enquirer also made similar allegations when they said that there are obvious signs that Biden isn’t well.

Other than his age, the POTUS allegedly exhibits instances wherein he forgets important information. And they also claimed that one obvious sign of dementia is laughing randomly.

“Biden has shown signs of encroaching dementia since before he became president. It has obviously progressed since then. He is showing all the symptoms – whether it’s the inappropriate laughter, the diminished memory, his irritability when questioned, and a bizarre lack of compassion for the stranded Americans and Afghan refugees struggling to escape the Taliban,” the source said.

The source also said that Biden has been escaping to Camp David for his retreat. But in reality, this is where he tries to review all the things that he forgot.

However, doing so has also put the country’s safety at risk.

According to international terror expert Dr. Jim Garrow, Biden’s little vacations allow him to hide signs of dementia. But his absence also angers Americans.

“He completely locked up when he was needed the most, indicating a mental breakdown and lack of competency that’s left him inadequate for service of any sort, let alone leadership,” the source said.

Meanwhile, there are also fears that Biden doesn’t have long to live. And in the event that he dies, his vice president will take over his position.

However, the critics are also lambasting Vice President Kamala Harris by saying that she’s not also fit for the job.

After all, Harris has also been invisible through all the recent crises. And she tends to flip-flop every time she’s questioned.

The tabloid and its sources insisted that the only thing left for Biden and Harris to do is to quit their posts.

However, this won’t happen because the duo also has a strong support system.

And even though Biden is already in his late 70s, this doesn’t automatically mean that he’s suffering from dementia. Lapses also happen to those who are much younger than him.

It is also important to note that the same tabloid made similar allegations against Donald Trump while he was president.

They claimed that the ex-POTUS also suffered from dementia because he tends to forget information and sometimes slurs his speech. However, no official diagnosis has been made.