Joe Biden and Barack Obama are rumored to be at odds with each other again.

In its August 30 issue, Globe claimed that Biden has been secretly criticizing Obama following his decision to hold a massive 60th birthday party.

Even though it’s a bit safer for Americans to hold huge gatherings amid the pandemic, a source said that what Obama did was the opposite of what Biden was trying to promote.

After all, Biden has been encouraging Americans to still wear masks due to the new Delta variant that’s also affecting children.

But photos from Obama's party show him and his guests mask-free.

Obama was also accused of being a hypocrite for trying to promote safety during the pandemic. But he didn’t follow the rules and regulations that could’ve otherwise kept him and his guests safe.

Meanwhile, the criticisms came in the heels of reports that Obama and Biden have been at odds with each other for years.

Doug Wead, the former White House adviser for George H. W. Bush, said that the ex-POTUS and Biden are definitely at war.

“They’re rivals in history. It’s like two men with their guns pointed at each other. But they don’t dare pull the trigger because they also need each other,” the source said.

Wead said that Biden and Obama just don’t attack each other in public because they need each other. The former needs the latter’s popularity to help boost his support.

Earlier this month, the same tabloid also claimed that Biden thinks Obama is a hypocrite for holding a mask-free event.

“From Joe’s point of view, Barack has become a snooty expletive who’s more interested in making deals and clinking glasses with his high-powered Hollywood buddies,” the source said.

However, there is no proof that Biden was upset with what Obama did. After all, it’s unlikely for the dad of two to put himself, his family, and his guests at risk.

It is also important to note that Obama’s party was held at the time when the CDC announced that Americans could already stop wearing masks.

It’s not also true that Biden and Obama have always been at odds with each other.

In fact, the two officials have such a unique relationship. Obama constantly praised Biden for his support of his administration while he was president.

And Obama also supported Biden’s campaign and urged everyone to vote for him months ago.