Queen Elizabeth allegedly wants Prince Andrew to face whatever he did or didn’t do to Virginia Roberts Giuffre in the 90s.

In its August 30 issue, Star claimed that Prince Andrew headed to Balmoral to talk to the monarch after Giuffre filed a lawsuit against him.

The Duke of York has allegedly been insisting that he didn’t do anything wrong. And he wants the queen’s support. But instead of protecting him, the queen allegedly told her son that he should stop running away from his problems.

And the only way for the speculations to end is if he faces Giuffre in court.

A source said that Prince Andrew found himself in a tricky position because regardless of what he would do, the public would have something to say.

“If he pays off Virginia, people will jump to conclusions that he’s guilty, but if he doesn’t do anything, he could face the possibility of a criminal case,” the source said.

The insider said that the queen is obviously mortified for her son. But there’s only so much that she could do to help him.

At the end of the day, the queen really wants Prince Andrew to man up and face his problems because she’s already 95 and he can’t rely on him all the time to save himself.

Last week, Woman’s Day claimed that Prince Andrew ambushed the queen at Balmoral so that he could talk to her about the lawsuit.

The Duke of York has been frozen out of his royal duties since he was accused of sexual abuse. And a source claimed that this meant he wasn’t also invited to Balmoral this summer.

However, desperate times called for desperate measures that’s why Prince Andrew still went to Balmoral to meet the queen.

Unfortunately, this didn’t sit well with his relatives who are also in Balmoral to spend some time with Her Majesty.

“Summer at Balmoral is a special time when the family comes together to take stock, relax, and recharge their batteries. But the first thing she is having to deal with is her 61-year-old son turning up on her doorstep with his ex-wife, hours after learning he is abusing a 17-year-old,” the source said.

While it is true that Prince Andrew was spotted heading to Balmoral earlier this month, there’s no proof that he wasn’t welcomed there.

Even though he no longer performs his royal duties, Prince Andrew is still part of the royal family.