Barack Obama just announced a mask-free event that he’s organizing, and Joe Biden is allegedly not impressed.

In its August 24 issue, Globe claimed that Biden thinks Obama is a hypocrite for telling attendees that they could go without their masks at a time with COVID-19 cases are once again rising across the globe.

Since he became president, Biden has been going all-out on his efforts to help stop COVID-19. However, events such as the one that Obama is hosting this weekend could curtail his progress.

A source also said that Biden won’t be attending the event because he knows that it will be all about the ex-POTUS. And since there’s still allegedly some bad blood between them, there’s no reason for him to be there.

“From Joe’s point of view, Barack has become a snooty expletive who’s more interested in making deals and clinking glasses with his high-powered Hollywood buddies,” the source said.

On the other hand, Obama wants to help Biden, but he feels that the latter is pushing him away because he can’t seem to accept help from anyone.

The insider also claimed that Obama and Biden have not seen each other in months. And the last time that they crossed paths was during Biden’s inauguration.

Every now and then, the two men talk. But it has never been regular contrary to what the public might think. 

And this isn’t all. The tabloid also claimed that Obama and Biden’s respective wives have also been frosty towards each other.

Michelle Obama was allegedly offended when Jill Biden disrespected her family and acted too casual around them.

In public, Jill and Michelle have always played nice with each other. But the same cannot be said behind closed doors. 

“Michelle sees Jill as snobby and ungrateful, while Jill hates the Obamas’ meddling when it should be the Bidens’ chance to shine,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt.

Biden and Obama are not feuding with each other and neither are their wives.

This is just another way for the tabloid to create drama between the two high-profile families when there’s none.

As of late, there is also no indication that Biden has been refusing Obama’s help. And there is also no proof that the Bidens disrespected the Obamas when Barack was still president.