A recent report from one outlet has claimed that Meghan Markle was once infatuated with Prince William, the older brother of her husband, Prince Harry.

According to a new report from In Touch, Markle was “obsessed with the Royal family” during her college days and had a major crush on Prince William. The publication cited an unnamed source, who claimed that the former actress “had a poster of Prince William on her dorm wall.”

“She was in love with William — not Harry,” the insider asserted.

The tabloid further insisted that the Duchess of Sussex became obsessed with the Royal family as early as 15, referencing a photo of Markle posing in front of the Buckingham Palace at that age. Allegedly, her college friends knew she loved the Royals and her major goal was to be part of the family.

The source continued that Markle’s dream of “snatching” Prince William was crushed when he married Kate Middleton. That’s when she allegedly goes with her Plan B, where she married his younger brother, Prince Harry, to become an official part of the Royal family.

“Since William was now unattainable, Meghan set her sights on Harry, and she became a member of the royal family, except with William’s brother.”

The publication added that Prince Harry was upset when he found out about this. When the news allegedly circulated in the palace and Middleton learned about this, she was also upset as Markle didn’t come out clean to the Duke of Sussex before they get married.

The insider further noted that Middleton was very protective of Prince Harry. The tabloid ended its narrative by saying that if Markle has met Prince William in the past years, things may have turned out completely different for all of them.

The biggest question now is whether or not Markle was, indeed, crushing on Prince William during her college days. Gossip Cop has debunked this story and proved that it’s nothing but just a work of fiction. In fact, this was a recycled narrative first published in 2019 – but targeting Middleton, instead.

Two years ago, rumors surfaced that Middleton has Prince William’s poster on her dorm back in her college days. However, no evidence supported the claim and the Duchess of Cambridge just laughed off the story at the time.

Meanwhile, this is not the first time the same publication released a story surrounding Markle and the Royal family. Earlier this 2021, the outlet reported that the Duchess of Sussex was banned from going to the funeral of the late Prince Philip.

It also insisted that Markle was the major reason why Prince Harry and Prince William’s relationship was tainted. Then, it alleged that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were banned from the palace after stepping down as senior royals.