One source has claimed that Kate Middleton and Prince William enforced strict rules to deal with the “off-limits behavior” of their three children: Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

Just like any other parents, Middleton and Prince William have their own parenting styles. Despite their busy schedules, they seemed to be very hands-on in taking care of their children. In fact, the couple has been photographed dropping off Prince George and Princess Charlotte in their school.

Although the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge hired a nanny to be with their kids while they're fulfilling their Royal duties, the two still try to make time for them. Reportedly, the couple enjoys doing a lot of family activities, such as baking and crafting.

However, one source claimed that Middleton and Prince William imposed strict rules that Prince George, Prince Charlotte, and Prince Louis need to follow. Behind the closed doors of Kensington Palace, the insider said the two can be firm when their children do something “off-limits.”

“Shouting is absolutely off-limits for the children and any hint of shouting at each other is dealt with by removal,” the source told The Sun.

Middleton and Prince William are said to be enforcing the so-called “sofa chat technique.” The insider explained that the “naughty child” will be taken away from the scene and they're required to talk to either the Duke or Duchess of Cambridge.

The couple reportedly discusses the consequences of their children’s behavior in a calm manner. The source also pointed out that while the two outlined the wrong things their kids have done, they never shout at them in any way.  

Meanwhile, Cambridges' nanny, Maria Borrallo, takes on the childcare responsibilities when Middleton and Prince William were called in for their Royal duties. She’s been working for the couple since 2014, just eight months after Prince George was born.

Borrallo studied in Norland College, an institution that has educated a lot of nannies since its creation in 1892. She is currently living in Kensington Palace and joins the family when they go on travels or royal visits. In addition, it was reported that she has a “no-nonsense approach” just like all Norland nannies.

Nannies at Norland College have been taught a lot of rules that they must impose on the children. Thus, it is believed that Maria has also implemented such rules that Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis have to follow.