Meghan Markle may reportedly follow Prince Harry’s footsteps in releasing her own memoir.

Recently, Prince Harry announced his plan to publish a memoir in 2022. The book will cover the Duke of Sussex’s childhood life up until the present day. Shortly after this announcement, it has been suggested that his wife, Markle, might be writing a book all about her life, as well.

The Duchess of Sussex debuted in the literary world after publishing a children’s book, titled The Bench. Now that her husband revealed he’ll be releasing a memoir highlighting the “highs and lows” as a Royal, there were speculations that Markle will also do the same.

For instance, InterTalent Rights Group founder Professor Jonathan Shalit told Newsweek that a book about Markle – a former actress – could be “fascinating.” He thinks that the world will be interested in it, though he also suspects that Prince Harry’s memoir may include the Duchess of Sussex’s story.

"Meghan's got a great story to tell. She's obviously a very successful actress in terms of Suits and loved by many people around the world,” Shalit said.

The Professor added that Markle could take the Obamas’ advice as they already released their memoirs in the past. He pointed out that they “would be very good people to take advice from” because they’ve “set exemplary standards” around the world.”

In another report, Markle’s father, Thomas Markle Sr., is reportedly hoping that he and his daughter will reconcile after years of tension between them. Per a report from Fox News, a family source told the outlet that he’s “getting up there in age” that’s why he wanted to repair their tainted relationship.

The family source continued that Meghan was close to her father than anyone else in the family growing up. Reportedly, he was an awesome dad to her, and it wasn’t fair he was portrayed as a money-grabbing in recent years.

"He did pay for her college. That is 100% true," the insider asserted.

Back in 2018, Thomas has openly spoken out about Meghan, which was also the time she and Prince Harry were preparing for their wedding. The two have been estranged over the past years and there have been several speculations about them since then.

Although he wanted to reconcile with Markle now, the family source claimed that Thomas was scared to travel because of the things he said in the past. Still, he is hoping that his damaged relationship with Markle will eventually be repaired.