Meghan Markle has reportedly earned a bad reputation. And in the years to come, she will no longer be known as a philanthropist and a former actress.

In its August 4 issue, royal commentator Duncan Larcombe spoke with Closer UK royal expert weighed in on Prince Harry’s memoir, as well as his and Markle’s Megxit.

According to Larcombe, Markle could eventually regret her decision to quit The Firm and to take an aim at the royal family. After all, doing so gave her a bad reputation.

“I think Meghan will be known in history as the woman who took a pot shot at the royals and ran off with Harry more than being an actress and philanthropist,” Larcombe said.

But for now, it seems that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have no regrets. In fact, Prince Harry is gearing to expose more bombshells about the royal family in his book.

As such, Larcombe is predicting that Prince Harry and Markle will be facing more criticisms following the release of the former’s memoir next year.

And if Prince Harry’s bombshell revelations will be as shocking as the ones he previously said in the Netflix documentary and with Oprah Winfrey, it is highly likely for the royals to finally respond.

“If anything will break the camel’s back and cut off Harry for good and ruin all chances of reconciliation, it’s this. If you look at people within The Firm who have ever spoken out about them – whether you’re a butler, a protection officer, or a PR – as soon as you break the circle of trust, you’re cut off,” he said.

As of late, no member of the royal family has directly responded to Prince Harry and Markle’s bombshell revelations.

But following the couple's interview with Winfrey in March, Prince William was forced to defend his family amid the Sussexes’ racist claims.

During his outing, the Duke of Cambridge stressed that the royal family isn’t racist.

According to Prince Harry and Markle, there were concerns regarding Archie’s skin color since the Suits alum is an African-American.

However, the Sussexes refused to name the royal that expressed their concern about their son. As such, some critics are saying that Prince Harry and Markle may have just made it up.

As of late, nothing has been proven because the issue was never revisited again.