Britney Spears reportedly wants to take control of her life.

In its August 4 issue, Closer UK claimed that Spears made a promise to herself that she would get pregnant before she turns 40 years old.

The revelation came in the heels of the singer’s ongoing conservatorship battle that prevented her from getting pregnant or from tying the knot.

A source claimed that there’s no stopping the singer this time around. And with the help of her new lawyer, Spears is doing everything that she can to cut ties with her dad.

“Britney wants to elope and marry Sam [Asghari] this summer and have her IUD removed as she’s confident she’ll be able to find a doctor who’ll do it for her, now that her situation and the way she’s been treated is out there in the open,” the source said.

The insider added that Spears has the support of her longtime boyfriend. So, even if her conservatorship battle doesn’t get resolved, it’s still highly likely for the couple to tie the knot and have a baby.

Luckily for the “Toxic” singer, Asghari is allegedly willing to support Spears and her two sons if things go from bad to worse.

However, Spears and Asghari don’t allegedly have the support of the singer’s friends. After all, they feel that Spears is rushing into marriage.

Even though they understand that the singer is making up for a lost time, they don’t want Spears to make any life-changing decisions that she could regret later on.

But regardless of what other people think, Spears has no plans to back down.

In fact, after hiring a new lawyer, the singer started posting liberating photos on her Instagram account.

Her fans and fellow A-listers showed Spears their support. And the hashtag #FreeBritney continues to circulate on social media.

Meanwhile, Spears continued her rebellious streak after she shared a video of herself making art on Instagram.

In her caption, the singer said that a lot of changes are happening in her life right now. And since she feels overwhelmed, she decided to buy a huge piece of paper, coloring materials, and transform her feelings into artwork.

“This is an expression of how I’m feeling at the moment … rebellious… colorful… bright… bold… spontaneous… magical… so obviously showing my true colors!!!!” she wrote.