Meghan Markle may not be the author of Prince Harry’s memoir, but she’s allegedly the one suggesting what the latter should include in the book.

In its August 2 issue, Woman’s Day claimed that Markle is urging Prince Harry to reveal the name of the racist royal they mentioned during their interview with Oprah Winfrey in March.

At the time, Markle claimed that there’s at least one member of the royal family that had concerns over Archie’s skin color.

When Winfrey asked them which royal they were referring to, Prince Harry and Markle refused to name names.

Shortly after, there were speculations that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were referring to Princess Anne. However, nothing has been confirmed until today.

Months later, Prince Harry announced that he will be releasing a memoir in 2022. And now the tabloid is claiming that the racist royal will finally be exposed and it’s all because of Markle.

“Meghan’s been pushing him to go public with the name of the senior royal who made alleged racist comments about their unborn child. Meghan was disappointed Harry never went as far as naming his accused during their Oprah TV special. She’s also hoping for her husband to vindicate her from staff bullying claims made against her recently,” the source said.

On top of this, Prince Harry will also allegedly talk about his relationship with Prince Charles in his memoir. After all, things have been estranged between the two.

However, the Duke of Sussex is still keeping some details about his memoir a secret from the public. But he did say that it will be all about his struggles and life experiences as a royal and as a human being.

Meanwhile, there are also speculations about when the memoir will be released.

According to the tabloid, it’s possible for the memoir to be released after Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee. It could also coincide with Princess Diana’s 25th death anniversary next year.

However, there are also claims that the book will only be released after the monarch’s death. But a source for Markle’s husband confirmed that this isn’t the case.

According to Daily Mail, Prince Harry has a lucrative four-book deal. And the second installment will be released after the queen dies.

However, Us Weekly was quick to deny the claims. They said that while it is true that Prince Harry has four books, none of them is contingent upon the queen’s death.