Kate Middleton is allegedly pregnant with her fourth child, but she’s at risk of losing her baby.

In its August 2 issue, Globe claimed that there are ongoing fears for the Duchess of Cambridge after she dropped to just 97 pounds.

A source claimed that Middleton’s husband, Prince William couldn’t help feel worried for his wife and unborn child.

In order to save the baby, a source claimed that the future queen was put on a high-calorie diet to boost her weight and keep her baby healthy.

“She’s five-foot-nine and should weigh 140 pounds, but she seems to have lost a whopping 15 pounds in just weeks. The baby was a surprise but Kate always wanted four children, so she was thrilled,” the source said.

Meanwhile, the same source claimed that there’s more to Middleton isolating than the palace is letting on.

According to reports, the mom of three came in contact with a COVID-19 patient that’s why she was forced to isolate.

However, the tabloid’s source is convinced that this isn’t exactly the case. After all, Prince William had already been vaccinated, and she also tested negative for the virus four times.

“Now, it seems the virus may have been an excuse to explain her vanishing act. Let’s face it, Kate’s scary skinny, and the royals had to do something fast,” the source said.

The source also insisted that Middleton must have faked her isolation due to her morning sickness. After all, she suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum during her three pregnancies.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. There is no proof that Middleton is pregnant with baby number four.

It is also not true that she’s just faking her isolation because there’s no reason for her to do so. If she’s pregnant, the palace wouldn’t have kept it a secret.

Additionally, it is also not true that Middleton’s weight plummeted to just 97 pounds. The tabloids have been calling the Duchess of Cambridge skinny, too thin, and unfit for years.

Last year, Life & Style accused the future queen of being irritable and snappy because she lost a considerable amount of weight

But it is also possible that Prince William’s wife has just been blessed with a slender frame.

It’s unlikely for Middleton to not be taking good care of herself especially since she needs to set a good example for her three children, as well as her royal supporters.