Kate Middleton made a public appearance last week and some royal fans were concerned. Most of them noticed how thin the Duchess of Cambridge looked.

Life & Style claimed that Prince William’s wife has lost so much weight while in quarantine. And the changes are enough to make the Duke of Cambridge and Queen Elizabeth worried.

An unnamed source told the tabloid that the stress of her royal duties and raising three children have taken their toll on Middleton.

“She’s more stressed than ever. She doesn’t have a minute to herself and is finding it hard to cope. Now, her weight has seemingly plummeted as a result, and those close to her, including William, are concerned,” the unnamed source said.

The insider also said that when Middleton is stressed, she finds it hard to eat. As such, there are, allegedly, some instances wherein she could forget to eat anything at all.

According to the insider, the lack of nutrients in Middleton’s body is making it easy for her to become irritable. She also, allegedly, snaps a lot in private.

Prince William has, allegedly, been helping ease Middleton’s stress. However, the future queen consort isn’t very cooperative. After all, when she’s focused on something, she, allegedly, finds it difficult to switch things off.

As such, even though Prince William wants to take on some of his wife’s burdens, Middleton doesn’t allow him to do so.

“Kate’s a perfectionist and there are times when she refuses to admit that she’s taking on too much. That’s why William’s organized a romantic vacation so they can spend quality time together, without the children,” the source said.

Prince William will, allegedly, ask his in-laws to look after Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis because he knows that his wife deserves a break.

“He appreciates all of her efforts and hard work. It’s been a difficult time and William wants Kate to feel better, like her old self, again,” the source said.

Rumors about Middleton’s weight and health have been rife throughout the past couple of years. Even though the mom of three appears to be slender than ever, she’s still healthy and glowing.

It is also unlikely for Middleton to be taking on more work than she could tend to. And she and Prince William aren’t planning a trip anytime soon because they just started their public engagements earlier this month.