Prince Harry allegedly regrets leaving his pampered life as a senior working royal last year.

In its August 2 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Prince Harry couldn’t help but have some regrets especially after he saw Prince William and Kate Middleton at the Wimbledon.

Before the dad of two quit The Firm in January of last year, he was also a regular at Wimbledon. In fact, there was even a time when his wife attended the sports event with Middleton.

But since quitting The Firm and his royal duties, Prince Harry has become more focused on his new life in the United States.

A source claimed that Prince Harry doesn’t regret choosing a quieter life away from the tabloids with his growing family. But every now and then, he can’t help but think of what could’ve been if he didn’t quit.

“He’s very happy with Meghan, and he adores the family life they’ve built together in Montecito. It’s so beautiful and serene. And they have many exciting projects they’re working on. He’s finally doing what he wanted to do. He can walk on the grass barefoot and no one is there to tell him to put on his shoes,” the source said.

But if there’s one thing that Prince Harry regrets after he moved to the United States it’s his damaged relationship with Prince Charles and Prince William.

The source said that things are very uncomfortable between the three that’s why Prince Harry opted to immediately return home after the unveiling of Princess Diana’s statue.

If things weren’t uncomfortable between the three, Prince Harry would’ve allegedly stayed in the United Kingdom longer. After all, he also missed the simple things he got to enjoy while he was still there.

“He enjoyed many happy times when he used to be William and Kate’s third wheel, attending the tennis tournament and soccer games with them, and later with Meghan. There were fun times, and he misses English beer and pub food like sausage rolls,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt because they are inconsistent.

The tabloid’s headline claimed that Prince Harry regrets quitting The Firm almost two years ago. But the article said the opposite.

As such, it is best to be wary of the tabloid’s claims especially when it comes to Prince Harry, Markle, and the other members of the royal family.