Kelly Clarkson’s friends are allegedly worried about her. In its June 21 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Clarkson has been drinking a lot and she doesn’t seem to have a problem with it.

However, the American Idol winner has allegedly been consuming three to four glasses daily when she’s not working, and this is alarming for her friends.

“Kelly’s chugging wine every day. She brushes off concerns about it, but friends think her booze habit has gotten way out of control. Generally, Kelly gets through a bottle no problem, sometimes two by herself. On a non-active day, she can demolish three or four, but it’s not doing her good,” the source said.

The insider said that alcohol is a depressant so it’s not something that she needs right now. After all, Clarkson is still dealing with her divorce from Brandon Blackstock, which she first announced to the world exactly a year ago.

Even though the exes have been divorced for months, Blackstock is still trying to seek spousal support from Clarkson. And the amount that the music mogul is requesting is not a joke.

The tabloid alleged that Blackstock is seeking $436,000 a month from Clarkson. But the court has yet to decide if they will grant his request.

So, before a decision is made, the source claimed that Clarkson is turning to alcohol to help her out.

“Wine makes Kelly feel better, but she’s drinking more and more these days. Kelly tries to excuse it by pairing it with meat, vegetables, and pasta and going for light and fruity wines, but it’s kind of miraculous she can plow through the day when her head must be fogged,” the source said.

The insider added that Clarkson doesn’t seem very confident when she’s not drinking. And this could be another reason why she always has a glass in her hand.

And to make their story more convincing, the tabloid even published a photo of Clarkson drinking alcohol in public.

Still, the tabloid’s claims shouldn’t be a cause for concern among Clarkson’s family, friends, and fans because she is not an alcoholic.

It’s also not unusual for anyone to drink three to four glasses of wine since this is much healthier than other types of alcohol.

It is also not true that Clarkson is still struggling amid her divorce from Blackstock. It seems that after a year, the award-winning singer has already moved on.