Meghan Markle is allegedly furious with Prince Harry for speaking to Kate Middleton publicly at Prince Philip’s funeral.

In its June 21 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Markle instructed Prince Harry to distance himself from the royal family. And he followed his wife’s orders on his way to Windsor Castle.

But after Prince Philip was laid to rest, Prince Harry, Prince William, and Middleton stepped out of the chapel together. And it was evident that the Duke of Sussex was chatting with Middleton.

“Meghan apparently told Harry he gave Kate’s goody-two-shoes image a boost, showing the world she’s rising above the fray to act as peacemaker in the royal row sparked by Meghan herself,” the source said.

The insider said that Markle’s stand when it comes to Prince Harry talking to his family proves how different she and Middleton are.

After all, the Duchess of Cambridge decided to set aside any issue because she was once close to her brother-in-law.

“Few people would’ve blamed Kate for giving Harry the cold shoulder at Philip’s funeral, but she clearly decided the feud should be resolved. It was a smart move that proved Kate has what it takes to become queen when William takes the throne,” the source said.

The insider stressed that the British public loves Middleton, and they hate Markle. They also blame the Duchess of Sussex for Prince Harry’s constant attacks on the royal family.

After all, they are convinced that Markle was the one encouraging her husband to speak ill about his relatives, most especially Prince Charles.

And while Prince Harry and Markle are focused on bad-mouthing Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth, Prince William and Middleton are focused on improving the public’s perception towards The Firm.

Even though the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are more credible when it comes to exposing the truth about the royals, they have not given a tell-all or any other type of interview.

Meanwhile, the tabloid also alleged that Markle is furious with the British public and her critics because they constantly slam her while they regularly praise Middleton.

But following the birth of her daughter Lili, Markle allegedly believes that the spotlight will be on her once again since everyone is anticipating when she and Prince Harry will share their daughter’s first photo.

Lili will also be christened in the coming months, and the public is curious who from the royal family will attend the ceremony.