Kanye West is allegedly planning to go on a lavish trip with his four children before Father’s Day.

In its May 19 issue, Heat UK claimed that West is struggling to get Kim Kardashian’s approval so that he could travel and bond with their children.

Following their divorce announcement, it was also revealed that Kardashian and West have agreed to share custody of their kids. But a source for the tabloid claimed that the reality TV star is making things difficult for the rapper.

After all, Kardashian wants to stop West from traveling with their kids because she won’t be there to accompany them.

“Kim and Kanye are set for a major showdown because he’s insisting on a five-star getaway abroad with the children after Father’s Day – but she doesn’t really want them to be anywhere too far away,” the source said.

The insider said that the only time that West sees his children is when he’s in Los Angeles but this isn’t enough for him. The rapper also wants to bring his kids to Wyoming or go on other fun trips with his children but Kardashian is making it impossible for him.

“Kim’s not against this, but only if she gets to go with them. But that’s a non-starter for Kanye, who’s said that she shouldn’t get to set the terms of how he sees his children just because she’s currently the primary carer,” the source said.

Meanwhile, the same tabloid claimed that West has thought of another way that he could get back at Kardashian and her family.

The rapper has allegedly vowed to support Caitlyn Jenner’s campaign as governor even though he knows that the latter doesn’t have her ex-wife and former stepchildren’s support.

Another source said that West is just returning the favor because Jenner was the one that supported the rapper’s campaign as president when everyone else thought that it was a joke.

Until today, West and Jenner are still reportedly close. And the source also said that West understands what it feels like to be frozen out by the Kardashian-Jenner clan because he’s been through it so he wants to be there for his former father-in-law.

However, one should be wary of the tabloid’s claims because there is no proof that West is supporting Jenner’s run for governor. There is also no proof that Kardashian is preventing West from taking their kids abroad.