Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may allegedly be drawn apart following the release of Princess Diana’s confession tapes.

In recent weeks, there have been whispers that Netflix would release Princess Diana’s private conversations with royal biographer Andrew Morton and her former voice coach, Peter Settelen.

And while Princess Diana’s fans are excited to hear her voice and confessions again, there’s at least one person who isn’t thrilled with the news.

In its May 19 issue, Closer UK claimed that Prince Harry is stressing over the possibility of hearing new revelations from his late mom’s tapes that he has never even heard of.

To make things worse, he and Markle aren’t allegedly on the same page because the latter is excited to hear Princess Diana’s recordings.

A source for the publication claimed that Markle has always been drawn to the Princess of Wales. And there were times when she enjoyed the comparisons drawn between her and her late mother-in-law.

While speaking with the publication, Princess Diana’s former royal butler Paul Burrell said that things must be very awkward in Princess Diana’s household. After all, Prince Harry and Markle aren’t on the same page.

Burrell said that Markle has always seen Princess Diana as a role model because she can relate to the late royal. So, it's highly likely for her to welcome more insight into Princess Diana's life and for them to be compared. 

However, the former royal butler is also convinced that this could just create a divide between the couple. And Burrell added that it could also drive Prince Harry and Markle apart.

Amid reports of Princess Diana’s confessions tapes being released on Netflix, there were also claims that Martin Bashir already resigned from the BBC. However, CNN claimed that Bashir resigned from his work as a journalist due to health reasons and nothing else.

Bashir was previously accused of forging documents in order to convince Princess Diana to sit down for an interview with him. And just recently, an investigation commenced into the matter and a report is supposed to be released soon.

BBC was also scheduled to release a movie about Bashir’s interview with Princess Diana but they decided to delay it due to a significant duty of care issue.

A new schedule for the movie has yet to be confirmed.

According to reports, Bashir also cooperated with the feds throughout the interview. However, he’s unable to continue working after suffering from COVID-19 last year. He also underwent a quadruple bypass and another heart operation recently.