Kim Kardashian is allegedly being ruled by greed.

In its April 12 issue, Life & Style claimed that Kardashian is already worth millions. But it seems she’s never contented with what she has.

A source claimed that while Kardashian was still married to Kanye West, she spent more money than the rapper. But the tables have now turned because West is now worth more than the reality TV star.

As such, the mom of four couldn’t help but demand a huge sum of money from West. And the tabloid alleged that $60 million a year is what Kardashian has been asking from her husband.

Even before an agreement is made, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star is already spending so much money on her children. After all, she is convinced that the court will grant her hefty request.

In the photos that Kardashian uploaded on her social media account, it was revealed that she had a huge play town built for her children in her massive backyard. The play town has its own make-believe bank, ATM machine, salon, and a Starbucks.

The insider is insisting that Kardashian is spending huge sums of money here and there because her money was protected by her prenup with West. However, the rapper opted not to protect his assets and now his ex-wife is running after his millions.

“The reality is that money is Kim’s biggest motivator. A normal person would dream of having Kim’s lifestyle and feel so blessed. But she’s never satisfied and strives for bigger and better things. It’s more, more, more with Kim. She’s blinded by greed,” the source said.

However, it seems that the tabloid is just making up dubious claims about Kardashian. After all, the court hasn’t disclosed how much she and West are getting after their divorce is finalized.

Just this week, Deadline also revealed that the SKIMS founder has made it to the Forbes billionaires list for 2021 alongside West. This proves that Kardashian doesn’t need her ex-husband's money to sustain her lavish lifestyle.

But it is important to note that according to the list, West is worth more than Kardashian. He made it to the top of the list with $1.8 billion from his multi-year deal with his sneakers brand Yeezy and Adidas.

Kardashian, on the other hand, ranked two with $1 billion. Her fortune came from her mobile game, shapewear brand, and cosmetics brand, KKW Beauty.