Celine Dion will allegedly be making a huge comeback that’s why she’s trying to gain some weight.

In its April 19 issue, National Enquirer claimed that gone are the days when Dion looked like a walking skeleton. After all, she has packed on some pounds in recent weeks.

A source told the tabloid that Dion has started focusing on what she eats daily during the lockdown. And she has successfully gained 15 to 20 pounds.

Years ago, the singer sparked health concerns after photos of her looking as thin as ever emerged online. Her fans and critics accused her of losing weight in an unhealthy way.

Some of them went as far as calling Dion skinny and weak. And others wondered if she suffers from anorexia.

However, Dion immediately responded to their allegations by saying that even though she looks a little thinner than usual, nothing’s wrong with her.

While speaking with People, the singer also said that dancing ballet regularly has been the reason behind her weight loss.

During her interview on Good Morning America, Dion also credited her dancing for her weight loss. She said that she dances four times a week. And since she’s working hard and she also loves to move, weight loss typically happens.

Despite the "My Heart Will Go On" singer’s clarification, National Enquirer is insisting that Dion didn’t take good care of herself in recent years.

“Her diet was terrible. She ate a little more than a piece of fruit and a couple of crackers to get her through the day. And at one point, she plummeted to 96 pounds,” the source said.

The tabloid also alleged that Dion struggled a lot following the death of her husband in 2016. And this is one of the reasons why she failed to take care of herself.

Rene Angelil died at 73 after suffering a heart attack. He was also battling throat cancer at the time of his death. Prior to his demise, Angelil revealed that his final wish is to see Dion perform live on stage again.  

Meanwhile, Dion is also preparing for her upcoming Courage World Tour once the pandemic is over. The tour was originally scheduled for last year in Europe, but the singer was forced to cancel it due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Following the cancelation, Dion released a statement saying that she’s sad to have to cancel her 32 shows. However, everyone’s safety is her top priority.