Ellen DeGeneres, allegedly, gained 27 pounds in just a month due to her binge eating.

In its Jan. 18 issue, National Enquirer claimed that DeGeneres stopped taking care of herself after the ratings of Ellen Show plummeted.

To make things worse, the majority of DeGeneres’ audience has stopped watching her talk show because they prefer Kelly Clarkson’s program.

A source told the tabloid that the sudden dip in ratings have taken a toll on DeGeneres’ health and eating habits.

To drown her sorrows and frustrations, DeGeneres binges on junk food and milkshakes even late at night.

“Ellen is convinced the world has turned on her and hides in her dressing room or locks herself in her bedroom at home and eats until she can barely breathe. It’s the only thing that gives her any comfort these days, and the results speak for themselves – she’s bursting out of her clothes,” the source said.

The insider also claimed that DeGeneres thought that the world would immediately forget the mean girl criticisms she received last year.

Unfortunately, it seems that everyone still remembers. So, they have decided to abandon the comedian for Clarkson.

And DeGeneres is now in full meltdown mode because no one seems to listen or care about her. And she only gets comforted by eating excessively.

The tabloid also spoke with two unknown physicians who never treated DeGeneres and they both said that gaining weight so suddenly after a COVID-19 diagnosis can be fatal.

A certain Dr. Stuart Fischer said that now is the worst time for DeGeneres to gain weight because it puts her at direct risk of a cytokine storm.

This condition, reportedly, creates clots that block the flow of blood to the organs. And it could result in a shock or permanent organ damage.

Dr. Gabe Mirkin also pointed out that DeGeneres has been showing an alarming amount of fat simply because her recent photos show her with some bulges around her stomach.

The physician said that belly fat is an indication that a person is storing fat in their liver. And this could result in increased sugar levels or diabetes and even heart attacks.  

However, there is no truth to the claims that DeGeneres gained 27 pounds in just one month.

During her recent outing, the comedian may have seemed as though she gained weight simply because her polo shirt is quite loose.