Britney Spears has allegedly started gaining weight shortly after she stopped counting her calories.

In its April 12 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Spears has been on a diet for most of her life. But when she recently stepped out in public with her two sons, the “Toxic” singer looked more full-figured than ever.

A source for the tabloid said that this is because Spears already stopped dieting after she was told that she needs to gain some weight if she wants to have another baby.

“She’s done her homework and has been told it actually enhances her chances of conceiving if she adds a few pounds,” the source said.

Spears didn’t initially want to have more kids. But after she saw how her boyfriend, Sam Asghari stood up for her against her dad, she decided to make his wish come true.

Asghari previously said that he wants to become a young dad. And Spears allegedly had a change of heart about having a baby with him.

Since Asghari is just 27 and Spears is 39, the latter is worried that her biological clock is ticking. So, the couple is doing everything that they can to get pregnant.

Today, Spears’ main focus is on giving her boyfriend a baby because she’s crazy about him. And she also knows that Asghari will be a wonderful dad someday.

Meanwhile, Spears also made headlines this week after her battle against her dad took another turn for the worse.

According to a court document obtained by Entertainment Tonight, Jamie Spears is demanding her daughter to give him $2 million so he could pay his lawyers.

Jamie also requesting his daughter to give him $16,000 a month as his compensation as conservator, $2,000 monthly for his office expenses between November 2019 to February 2021.

Spears has been trying to cut ties with her dad for weeks. And her lawyer, Samuel Ingham said that he will ask the court to appoint Jodi Montgomery to become his client’s permanent conservator.

The singer’s dad was named as her co-conservator in 2008. But he passed on the task to Montgomery in 2019 after citing some health problems.

Months later, Spears requested for Montgomery to become her permanent conservator. However, her dad continued to assume the role, and he's still fighting to stay in the position. 

In February, a judge ruled that Jamie and Bessemer Trust will have equal power over the singer’s finances. Unfortunately, Spears is still trying to appeal the case.