Tom Cruise is allegedly leading a secret life in London, where he’s filming Mission: Impossible 7.

In its May 3 issue, Woman’s Day claimed that the actor is having such a blast being in London because he gets to do normal things without getting noticed.

Cruise can reportedly go to bookstores and shops as long as he's wearing a hat and a mask. He also feels very normal when he's in London and this is something that he's been missing from his life for quite some time. 

According to the source, Cruise is having the best time of his life in London that’s why he’s thinking about buying a home there. Now that he’s older, the actor also allegedly wants to lead a simple life away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Meanwhile, the actor also made headlines recently amid claims that he’s still estranged from his daughter, Suri Cruise. The teenager celebrated her 15th birthday last week, and there’s no word about Cruise greeting the young girl.

Katie Holmes, on the other hand, greeted her only child on social media. She also shared throwback photos of Suri online.

According to sources, Cruise has not seen his daughter in years because his religion is preventing him from doing so.

However, Star claimed that the father and daughter had a sneaky reunion two years ago even though Holmes didn’t approve.

But since there were no photos of Cruise and Suri from their rumored outing, it’s possible that the tabloid just concocted the story about the father and daughter.

In related news, Cruise’s ex-wife, Holmes has also been making headlines recently.

Sources confirmed that the actress’s relationship with Emilio Vitolo has simmered down after just 10 months.

According to Marie Claire, Holmes has bigger priorities in her life, and she’s struggling to juggle her work with her relationship with Vitolo.

The actress has also not been spending time with her chef boyfriend because she’s not in New York right now. Holmes is in another state filming for an upcoming movie.

Last year, Holmes and Vitolo made headlines after they were photographed kissing each other in public. Back then, sources revealed that Vitolo was still engaged.

However, the chef decided to break up with his then-fiancée via text so that he could be with the Dawson’s Creek alum.

Months later, the couple made their relationship official on Instagram after Vitolo shared a photo of Holmes on her birthday.