Tom Cruise, allegedly, thinks that his rumored girlfriend, Hayley Atwell is the clone of his ex-wife, Katie Holmes.

In its Jan. 18 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Cruise has always been drawn to the likes of Holmes because she’s a brunette with an athletic build.

And after the exes split in 2012, Cruise had a hard time finding a woman to date that resembled his ex-wife.

Just recently, Cruise crossed paths with Atwell after the latter was cast in Mission: Impossible 7. And after Cruise realized that Atwell looks just like Holmes, he decided to pursue her.

“Physically, Katie was Tom’s definition of total perfection – brunette with an athletic build. He always said their differences were purely down to an eventual clash of personalities more than anything else,” the source said.

The insider then backtracked a bit by saying that Cruise doesn’t intend to discriminate women that have other features.

And if a blonde woman with blue eyes has a perfect personality, the actor wouldn’t have any problem dating her.

But it just so happened that he recently met Atwell, and she ticked all his boxes.

The insider also said that Cruise has always wanted to date a British girl. And he’s had his eyes set on Atwell for years.

In fact, Cruise tried to work with Atwell in the action thriller Jack Reacher, but she was unable to commit to the project due to scheduling conflicts.

Meanwhile, the source also claimed Cruise still loves Holmes because he wants to be with someone who looks just like her.

And even though the actor was once attracted to Nicole Kidman and Mimi Rogers, it’s Holmes’ Midwestern girl-next-door looks that continue to inspire Cruise.

However, the tabloid’s claims couldn’t be farther from the truth. It is unlikely for Cruise to have dated Atwell because she resembles Holmes.

Even just at first glance, it’s evident that Atwell and Holmes do not resemble each other.

And to say that this is why Cruise is dating Atwell sounds like an insult to the latter.

As of late, Cruise and Atwell have not yet confirmed the real status of their relationship. But they were first rumored to be dating late last year.

Back then, Woman’s Day claimed that Cruise has fallen in love with his co-star.

But just one week later, other tabloids claimed that Cruise is torn between Atwell and Vanessa Kirby.

A source told Globe that Cruise is hungry for love, and he’s choosing which of the two can be wife number four.