Nicole Kidman is allegedly worried about her adopted son, Connor Cruise, who currently lives in Florida.

In its April 19 issue, New Idea claimed that Kidman and Cruise haven’t been talking to each other. But the actress is currently filming in Florida and wants to reach out to her son.

A source claimed that the Big Little Lies star is worried about her son’s safety after a series of issues were raised in the city. Kidman is also allegedly convinced that Scientologists are keeping a close eye on Connor, and she’s furious.

The insider claimed that if Cruise would agree to meet with his mom, Kidman will immediately ask if he’s open to relocating to Australia. The actress is confident that her son would say because Connor knows that it’s for the best.

However, the source doubts that this is what will happen. They said that Cruise might refuse to relocate to Australia because it means that he would have to live with his mom.

And even if Kidman would offer to get him a house in the OZ, living there means he’s much closer to her mom as well.

But by the looks of it, the tabloid is just concocting dubious claims about Kidman and Cruise. In fact, the actress previously told reporters that her adopted children are adults so they can make their own decisions.

This proves that Kidman is forcing her children to do what she wants. Instead, she supports whatever it is that they choose to do.

There is also no truth to the claims that Kidman and Cruise haven’t been talking to each other. Last year, Cruise confirmed that he’s not estranged from his mom amid reports that they had a falling out due to Scientology.

Cruise and his sister, Bella decided to follow in their dad Tom Cruise’s footsteps and became Scientologists. Kidman, on the other hand, is not part of the religion.

During her interview with WHO magazine in 2018, Kidman said that the most important thing is that her children know that she loves them and she’s always here for them.

The award-winning actress said that it's important for her that her kids feel that they are loved and that she's open with them. Kidman added that if love and openness are taken away from children at a young age, it could cause problems for them in the future.