Queen Elizabeth doesn’t have any ill feelings towards Meghan Markle after the latter decided to not attend Prince Philip’s funeral.

A source told People that the queen always knew that Prince Harry would return home if something happened to his grandfather. And she’s also aware that Markle won’t travel back to the United Kingdom no matter what.

The insider also said that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex immediately reached out to Her Majesty after learning that the Duke of Edinburgh had died. Markle also directly expressed her condolences to the queen.

As such, the monarch understands why the Suits alum cannot make it to Prince Philip’s funeral. Markle will be the one to take care of Archie while Prince Harry away. She is also pregnant with her second child.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry arrived in the United Kingdom earlier this week to attend his grandfather’s funeral. Prior to reuniting with the royal family, he reportedly quarantined at Frogmore Cottage.

Since Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank are currently residing at Frogmore Cottage, they have already reunited with Prince Harry. The latter has also met the royal couple’s son, August Philip Hawke Brooksbank.

A source told Us Weekly that even though Prince Harry is with his family, his heart and mind are with his wife and son in Los Angeles.

Prince Harry has reportedly been calling Markle and Archie via FaceTime regularly. He also talks to his wife several times a day because he's worried about her and her sensitive pregnancy. 

Following Prince Philip’s funeral on Saturday, Prince Harry is expected to immediately return home to his family. But before this, he’s also expected to reunite with Prince William.

According to AP News, Prince Philip’s death could pave the way for Prince William and Prince Harry to talk and deal with their issues.

The siblings have not spoken to each other in over a year since Prince Harry decided to quit The Firm in 2020.

During his interview with Oprah Winfrey, Prince Harry said that he and Prince William have space at the moment. But he also said that he hopes time will heal all wounds.

By the looks of it, now is the perfect time for Prince William and Prince Harry to reconcile. In July, the siblings will reunite in London again for the unveiling of Princess Diana’s statue to mark her birthday.