Meghan Markle is allegedly looking to expand the reach of Archewell Foundation as soon as possible.

In its April 19 issue, OK! magazine claimed that Prince Harry and Markle’s eyes are on the big prize. After all, less than one year after they signed multi-year deals with Netflix and Spotify, they are now considering other partnerships off the coast.

A source for the tabloid claimed that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex want to team up with huge companies and websites located in Manhattan. But the only way for them to be able to focus on their future gigs if they also have a home there.

Since the former senior working royals are receiving millions for their deals, they are allegedly looking at properties in the high-end part of the city. And money isn’t an issue for them.

However, the insider also said that Prince Harry and Markle’s plan to invest in a property on the East Coast might have to wait until after the latter gives birth.

“Any in-person visits to NYC will likely have to wait until after their daughter is born. Still, they want to get the word out early. And if all goes well, they’ll have their second home by the end of the year,” the source said.

Meanwhile, the Sussexes also made headlines this week after it was revealed that Prince Harry will be flying to the United Kingdom to attend Prince Philip’s funeral.

The Duke of Edinburgh passed away over a month after he was hospitalized. According to reports, the dad of four died peacefully at Windsor Castle, where he quarantined alongside Queen Elizabeth for a year.

Unfortunately, Prince Harry won’t be joined by Markle when he returns home in the coming days. It is unclear why Markle wouldn’t be able to make it, but there are whispers that it could be because of her shocking revelations last month.

But a more sensible reason though as to why Markle would be skipping the trip is because she’s pregnant with baby number two.

Even though Markle wouldn’t join Prince Harry on his return to the UK, she joined her husband in releasing a touching statement after Prince Philip’s passing.

On the Archewell website, the couple uploaded a photo of the Duke of Edinburgh alongside their words of gratitude for all the late royal’s service. The Sussexes also said that they will greatly miss Prince Philip.