Prince William will allegedly be crowned as king in a secret ceremony to mark his 10th wedding anniversary with Kate Middleton.

In its April 19 issue, New Idea claimed that Queen Elizabeth was finally ready to hand over her reigns to Prince William 70 years after she was crowned queen.

Prior to the alleged secret coronation ceremony, the queen spoke with Prince Charles and Prince William privately. She tried to convince her eldest son to give way so that her grandson could become her successor.

Royal expert Clive Irving said that Prince Charles isn't equipped to bring changes to the British monarchy. And his eldest son is aware of this. 

Irving added that Prince William and Middleton showed that it’s possible to keep calm and carry on despite what Prince Harry and Meghan Markle said about them during their interview with Oprah Winfrey.

And this is one of the things that made the queen realize that Prince William should succeed her.

Irving also said that Megxit is one of the most difficult challenges that the royal family faced in the last 10 years. But Prince William proved that he can handle the problems with grace. As such, Her Majesty believes he has the ability to rule the monarchy right now.

Following the queen’s conversation with Prince Charles and Prince William, all three allegedly started going about their coronation plans. And a secret coronation ceremony

A public coronation ceremony will be held later when the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted in the United Kingdom.

Meanwhile, royal commentator Penny Junor said that Prince William and Middleton are the future of the monarchy. After all, they are a modern couple but they are still quite traditional.

The royal couple also steers clear of any drama. And they just get things done.

But as exciting as Prince William’s coronation might sound like, it’s not going to happen anytime soon for a number of reasons.

Prince Charles will succeed the queen regardless of the latter’s personal feelings. After all, this is what the Order of Succession dictates.

It is also important to note that Her Majesty never questioned her son’s ability to rule the monarchy.

Additionally, Prince Philip just passed away and the entire British population is in mourning. In fact, the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral will be held on April 17.

So, it’s unlikely for the royal family to organize a happy ceremony exactly 12 days after Prince Philip’s funeral.