Katie Holmes previously made headlines amid claims that she and Emilio Vitolo are already planning their wedding.

Woman’s Day claimed that Vitolo proposed to Holmes just months after they first started dating. And the Dawson’s Creek star immediately said yes.

However, several months have passed and there’s still no update about the couple’s church wedding. As such, Gossip Cop revisited the tabloid’s claims and confirmed that they are not correct.

According to the rumor-debunking site, Holmes and Vitolo are still together today. However, they seem to be more low-key than usual. Still, this doesn’t mean that they are secretly planning their wedding.

The publication said that if Holmes and Vitolo are already engaged, the couple will be the ones to share the news with their fans via social media. And if their wedding has already taken place, it would most likely draw attention from the press.

However, there’s no proof that Holmes and Vitolo already tied the knot in church. While it is possible that the couple will seal the deal in the near future, they still don’t have any plans to settle down right now.

Meanwhile, Holmes has been very busy with her low-key engagements. Earlier this month, she graced People magazine’s Beautiful issue. The actress posed for photos in the magazine completely makeup-free.

According to Holmes, she doesn’t have any qualms about aging. In fact, she embraces it with gratitude because she knows that it comes with the job.

In order to keep her skin as youthful-looking and as fresh as ever, Holmes drinks several glasses of water, and she also eats vegetables.

Holmes revealed that she takes care of her skin by washing and cleansing it twice a day. She also uses hyaluronic acid serum and moisturizer regularly. 

The actress also swears by Dr. Barbara Sturm’s skincare line. She said that she regularly gets facials and uses the skin therapist’s products.

Holmes also revealed that she doesn’t leave the house with sunscreen and lip gloss. The actress said that these are just some of the tips that she got from her three older sisters who are also fond of wearing makeup.

Holmes didn’t mention Vitolo and her daughter, Suri Cruise in her interview. But she’s obviously smitten with them.

Every now and then, Holmes posts photos of her boyfriend and daughter on Instagram. In February, she shared a cryptic snap of Vitolo with his back turned to the camera.