BTS V, who turned 26 a day before New Year’s Eve, is the big winner of the recent update made by Genius Korea. The said update marks the first charting of this year, leading V to dominate various genre categories with his solo songs.

Genius Korea’s first chart update hails BTS V as the alpha

Since the visuals of BTS released his first solo song, his solo stints have been recorded as a smasher and a hit to numerous music charts worldwide. As a solo artist, the South Korean-born singer proved himself as an all-rounder, specifically by storming over charts with his masterpieces.

With V ending 2020 with a colossal bang with his songs’ achievement for the whole year, V kicked off his domination for 2021 with his music pieces.

That said, according to the figures and charts unveiled by the official Twitter account of Genius Korea, the Grammy-nominate artist ruled various genres across the platform with multiple song entries.

The impressive finish of BTS V on Genius Korea

V’s Winter Bear sits atop the Top K-Ballad and Top K-Solo charts, particularly at No. 1. The same song is also listed at No. 2 on the Top K-Pop list, per Allkpop.

Another BTS V masterpiece, Snow Flower, sits with pride at No. 3 on Top K-Pop songs. The song was dropped by the idol on Christmas Day as his holiday present to his fans, considering the world is still battling the coronavirus.

On the other hand, BTS V’s Blue & Grey, known as the most commercially successful B-side track of the all-South Korean boy group, finishes at No. 3 on the Top K-Ballads charts.

In the conclusion of V’s Genius Korea domination, his song for Itaewon ClassSweet Night, remains the most loved South Korean soundtrack. Due to that, the singer is the platform’s chart update Top Korean Soloist.

Genius Charts is among the platforms that recognize current famous songs, based on the search ranking and views of the song’s lyrics and translation on the platform.

More of BTS V’s domination

On another platform, BTS V’s Scenery and Winter Bear is also dominating charts. In SoundCloud, V was crowned as the most listened to South Korean solo artist in 2019. The matter comes in handy with his first solo release on the streaming platform, Sweet Night, proving the singer's growing popularity.

Meanwhile, V’s latest solo song entry to the world, Snow Flower, is soaring above SoundCloud charts. The song features the rapping skills of Peakboy, who happens to be a fellow Wooga Squad member of V.