Kim Taehyung, whose birthday is fast approaching, unveils his Christmas gift to ARMYs in heels time for the Christmas cheer for a song called Snow Flower, alongside long-time pal Peakboy. Stream it here.

BTS V unwrapped Christmas present through a new song

The band BTS's visuals stunned his beloved ARMYs and bias as he brings out his special Christmas gift.

Soompi stated that on Dec. 25 at midnight, V dropped an all-new solo track following South Korea's time zone that goes by the Christmassy title Snow Flower. The said new song of V is self-produced, with the significant contribution of his friend Peakboy.

Peakboy also is heard in the song, rapping about Christmas's cheer to the holiday season celebrated by the world, per Bandwagon Asia.

Meanwhile, BTS V and Peakboy are Wooga squad members, with Choi Woo Shik, Park Hyung Sik, and Park Seo Hoon. On a blog, V introduced Peakboy by saying his Wooga friend is featured.

BTS V's remarks in releasing Snow Flower

At the same time, V wrote the lyrics of Snow Flower through a blog and his message to the ARMYs and the song's listeners.

"Since my mixtape has been delayed, I felt apologetic to ARMY, so I hurriedly created this song," V wrote via the Bangtan Blog"I think that many people must feel like time stopped this year, and I also think that there must be many people who feel more anxious and depressed the closer they get to the end of the year," he added.

With his new song that celebrates Christmas day, V hopes that his music will bring white flowers to its listeners' hearts and cause warmness and happiness for the special day.

Furthermore, BTS V's Snow Flower was made available for streaming on SoundCloud and Youtube, of which BTS's Twitter account tweeted the matter to promote his new song.

BTS V highlights the efforts of medical staff in the new song

Allkpop shared that V made references to "white angels" in Snow Flower. The symbol of the term is the people working to fight the spread of COVID-19. It refers to the individuals of any kind of professionals working in the medical field.

However, not just the medical staff but all the frontline workers such as the police, cleaners, drivers, and more.

Indeed, BTS V's Snow Flower caught the attention of ARMYs through its in-depth lyricism and symbolism. Adding gratefulness to the listeners' hearts, Snow Flower is one track that should be played on Christmas day, as it offers content unlike any other.