The visuals of BTS, Kim Taehyung, will be conquering the galaxies, not as a guardian, but as a birthday celebrant! That said, V's birthday will be taken in space via satellite on his fabulous day—December 30.

BTS V goes to space

The New Year celebration will be added spice and festivities by V's birthday, as his special day will be taken from the place one could never imagine. V's birthday's mammoth celebration is as extravagant as ever, proving his intense fame worldwide, or shall one say, galactic-wide?

In particular, V is slated to be greeted from space via a birthday video message from satellite Ladybird-1. V's fansite organized the unique way of greeting their idol, taking V_Pintor_ responsible, per Allkpop.

The ad is a piece of the multiple projects organized by V's fansite, or which they had the Snow Flower singer's handsome face be shown and displayed on Ladybird-1 by China. The satellite costs $16 million, launched by China's Commsat, leading the ARMYs and many other speechless.

As a result, the phrase "Kim Taehyung Universe Domination" trended, and as well V's real name (Kim Taehyung) as many were in awe of the project that involves space. The core and idea of V being greeted up above the planet is a notable history stone, shaking fandoms to fandoms on the fansite's project.

BTS V's firsts could never go wrong

Meanwhile, if the galactic project will finally happen, he will be the first K-pop idol to earn birthday ads on space via a satellite.

Indeed, ending December and the painful year of 2020 were made more spectacular by V and his fans, stunning everyone with the project's magnitude at any view. V's popularity is out of this world, so his birthday deserves to be celebrated in space.

Recently, fans put up ads of V at the world-renowned Burj Khalifa for his upcoming birthday. The three-minute birthday ad mesmerized the Dubai skyscraper, hailing V as the first-ever K-pop idol given such grandiose feature.

Both the Burj Khalida and Ladybird-1 from space ads will be making their place on V's birthday on December 30, which he will turn 25 (standard).

Alongside his forthcoming birthday, V did not just sit and wait for the celebration to kick in, but he started it instead. He released a Christmas song titled Snow Flower and is now racking streams from SoundCloud and Youtube.