The main visuals of BTS, V, prove his title as the “King of SoundCloud”  for dominating the platform’s global charts with his latest solo track titled Snow Flower.

That said, BTS V is now the first South Korean artist to score three entries on the No. 1 spot on the same charts by SoundCloud. Well, with Snow Flower completing the Big 3.

BTS V cannot be dethroned as the King of SoundCloud

Snow Flower is a Christmas track, all purposely curated and released by BTS V as a present for his beloved ARMYs for Christmas 2020. The song was officially uploaded on streaming giants SoundCloud and Youtube, garnering instant fame.

As per Allkpop, in just two days, Snow Flower raked streaming figures on both platforms, most especially on Youtube. The track gathered 11 million audio streams and two million likes on Youtube.

On the other hand of V’s world domination is on the track’s fantastic performance on SoundCloud. Snow Flower dominated every chart on the streaming platform, leading him to earn and set a record among K-pop artists.

In particular, BTS V is the first South Korean solo artist to covet three No. 1 spot hits on SoundCloud’s global charts.

Furthermore, Snow Flower debuted at the prestigious No. 1 rank on SoundCloud’s new and hot all music genre chart that covers all countries, notably the United States and the United Kingdom. Among other countries that hailed the dashing lad on No.1 are Ireland, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, New Zealand, and the Netherlands.

BTS V’s SoundCloud dominance does not stop there

Moreover, V is not new to mesmerizing SoundCloud records. In 2019, he was named as the most streamed solo artist on the platform, among several records smashed by V.

He is also the first-ever South Korean artist to collect more than 65 million streams on three of his original tracks uploaded on the platform. To date, V is still the owner of the title, all thanks to 4 o’clockScenery, and Winter Bear.

Furthermore, V is the only South Korean artist to cross over 100 million streams on two of his original songs, ranking them all on the Top 50 most-streamed tracks on SoundCloud.

For starters, Snow Flower is a track released by V on Christmas Day, featuring his fellow Wooga Squad member Peakboy. The rapper also produced the song with V, earning praises from fans and critics worldwide.

Fans noted V’s Snow Flower as the warm hug on Christmas, speaking of the idol’s masterpiece that best went in on the perfect time!