Blake Shelton, allegedly, cheated on Miranda Lambert, and the latter wants the world to know that it’s his fault that their marriage ended.

In its previous edition, OK! magazine claimed that Lambert is tired of everyone blaming her for the divorce.

After all, there were reports that she cheated on Shelton with her now-husband, Brendan Mcloughlin.

However, a source claimed that it’s the other way around. While Shelton and Gwen Stefani were judging in The Voice, Lambert, allegedly, noticed that their chemistry was palpable.

Lambert, allegedly, confronted Shelton about his affair with Stefani but he refused to admit anything.

But months later, The Voices coaches finally came clean about their romance and Lambert wasn’t thrilled.

The insider claimed that Shelton’s affair with Stefani was what ended their marriage. And even though Lambert tried to save their relationship, she could not do it because Shelton no longer wanted to be with her.

According to the source, since their split, Lambert has been bad-mouthing Shelton. She’s been telling friends that the country singer has a temper and Shelton is always jealous and upset when she works in the studio until late at night.

But years after their divorce, the insider said that Lambert wants the world to know that she’s happy with her husband. And she’s glad that she’s found real happiness with Mcloughlin.

However, Gossip Cop questioned the tabloid’s claims by saying that OK! magazine is unreliable when it comes to stories about Shelton, Lambert, and Stefani.

The rumor-debunking site said that even though cheating is a common reason why couples divorce, Lambert has never opened up about this during her interviews.

The tabloid was only able to quote their unnamed sources, who, allegedly, spoke to Lambert, and they cannot be trusted.

Years ago, Shelton was the one that alluded that Lambert cheated on him.

During his interview with Billboard, Shelton revealed that he recorded “She’s Got A Way With Words” six months after his divorce.

As such, his fans couldn’t help but think that he wrote the song about his ex-wife.

“She’s Got A Way With Words” is about a woman who lied and cheated on her partner.

Shelton admitted that he wrote the song because he was at rock bottom and in the middle of hell. As such, he wanted his fans to sympathize with him.

However, TMZ previously claimed that Shelton was the one that cheated on Lambert with another country artist.