Angelina Jolie revealed some interesting tidbits about all her six children while interviewing a young scientist called Gitanjali Rao.

Jolie’s kids appear to be not much different from millions of other kids throughout the world. The Salt actress interviewed a young scientist called Gitanjali Rao, who has been declared as the Kid of the Year by Time Magazine, when she revealed an interesting fact about her kids.

The Maleficent actress opened up about their phone habits during the interview and said they were similar to other teenagers when it comes to mobile phone usage. According to Geo News, the 45-year-old actress was in conversation with Gitanjali, who has invented an app, which can handle cyberbullying

However, the duo also discussed a wide range of topics, such as opioid addiction and contaminated drinking water. The young scientist revealed that she dreams of creating a global community where all the young innovators will come together and solve global issues together. 

Gitanjali also told Jolie that she conducted an interesting survey for her new app. The teenager feels that students are against being micromanaged. It was then when the actress admitted that even her children did not like their phones being touched, according to Pinkvilla

To this, the young girl said that she would also have a similar reaction. The good news was that many teens did not feel their parents were micromanaging them in her survey. Angelina Jolie chatted with the 15-year-old over a zoom call. 

Incidentally, her app is called Kindly, and it can identify cyberbullying at an initial stage with the help of Artificial Intelligence, according to Hollywood Life. At the same time, Jolie feels that it should be left to her children to decide whether they want to install the app on their mobile phones or not. 

However, the young scientist feels that her kids would not possibly refuse to download this app because its aim was not to control children or punish them. It was quite obvious during the call that Jolie was highly impressed with Gitanjali’s achievements at such a young age.

She felt it was great to have such an excellent thinking female and young scientist. However, the actress lamented that, while women were as brilliant as men, their representation was inadequate in science and technology. 

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt parted ways in 2016 and yet their custody battle in the court is still on. The couple shares six children but is fighting in the court for the custody arrangements of five of them as Maddox; their eldest child is now legally an adult.