Brad Pitt has been in the spotlight now for his fondness for fast food, including burgers and fries. Is it true that his addiction to such food has led to a flabby derrière? Here is the complete story.

The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actor is regarded as one of the most good looking men in the world. However, a tabloid now claims that the extra calorie he has been consuming, thanks to his addiction to fast food, has now started taking a toll on his health. 

The magazine just did not call him the ‘Saggiest Man Alive” but also produced a picture of the Hollywood A-lister in a pair of cargo pants to prove their point. It seems the actor picked up this fondness for junk food from his good friend Alia Shawkat who loves such food too. 

Any magazine that publishes a report usually accompanies it with a picture, and this report was not an exception. However, it was extremely difficult to determine whether Pitt’s butt is saggy, not from the picture produced, according to Gossip Cop. The story is likely ridiculous.

Brad Pitt does not have much flab in his body, and the recent pictures during his online table read of Fast Times At Ridgemont High did not suggest so. He looked as handsome and fit as ever during that online interaction. 

Meanwhile, according to New Idea, the actor has been actively involved in humanitarian activities and has been working as a volunteer at a food bank in Los Angeles. The Fight Club actor is engaged in a bitter court battle to win his children's joint custody. 

A source pointed out that the actor wants it to get over as soon as possible. However, his former wife, Angelina Jolie, is, allegedly, trying to delay the proceedings.

 In case the court verdict is not in favor for whatever reason, Pitt wishes to go and stay at Missouri to get over it. It seems the actor needs a break as he knows Hollywood will always welcome him with open arms whenever he feels better. 

Simultaneously, if the Troy actor takes such a step, he might distance himself from Jennifer Aniston as the latter seems to have moved on, according to the publication. It seems Jen is contemplating choosing from a few younger studs, including Harry Styles. 

In other news, Brad Pitt revealed how his experience of watching a movie with David Fincher, the director, has been. According to The News International, they are close friends, and the Hollywood heartthrob said that watching a film with the director is similar to watching a soccer match