Brad Pitt is not only revered for his good looks and acting talent. The Hollywood A-lister has also been known for his humanitarian activities. A community leader has praised the actor by calling him a “good samaritan” for his support in South Los Angeles.

It was just last week when the Top Gun actor was spotted helping residents in a locality in South LA by unloading grocery items from a truck, which he drove himself, and then distributing them to needy people amid the global health crisis.

It was obvious that the Hollywood superstar did not want any kind of publicity and wore a mask during this humanitarian activity. Perhaps his long hair and face mask made him unrecognizable to the crowd who gathered to collect the food items (via Cinema Blend).

While many people feel wearing masks is inconvenient, it has been a blessing for celebrities like Pitt who want to be incognito and mingle with the common people. So, no wonder the Fight Club actor preferred to keep it on while working with the other volunteers. 

Meanwhile, DeAnthony Langston, a community leader, mentioned that this was not the only time the actor was involved in voluntary work. He has been doing the same since summer and was back for the 30th time for his humanitarian work (via Daily Mail). 

The community leader revealed that his first visit to the location was with his pal Flea (Michael Peter Balzary). The actor has returned multiple times to help the needy and the poor amid the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

De Anthony shared an interesting tidbit with the publication. He said he could not recognize Brad Pitt even after interacting with him for around half an hour. What makes Pitt unique is because he is so cool and down to earth, according to him.

The community leader added that the actor tried to figure out how everything was going during his visits. It seems Pitt is one of those who want to lead by example and does not believe simply in donating money and then doing nothing about channelizing it properly. 

DeAnthony mentioned that the actor used to constantly move around the projects on his BMW bike. Pitt and his friend would bring enough food items to last for a week. The community leader and his team would then distribute the same among the needy people.

Brad Pitt’s goodwill act became an instant rage over the Internet. Author Monica Heisey took to Twitter and mentioned how “romantic” and “poignant” the actor looked in the photographs, which went viral when he distributed food last week.