Angelina Jolie’s name has been trending on Twitter while her fans reminisce how her father, actor Jon Voight has always been a staunch supporter of Donald Trump. 

Ever since the 81-year-old actor took to his Twitter handle to post a video where he claimed that Joe Biden, the new President-Elect, wants to destroy the country, she became a trending topic on social media. 

For the universe, Voight is known to regularly participate in political debates supporting the Republican Party. His most recent discussion was posted in November 2020, where he claimed that there was a fraud in this year’s Presidential election. 

For the universe, the Mission Impossible actor has always been vocal about being supportive of Donald Trump. He has frequently taken to Twitter to post videos where he mentioned that Trump has been the country’s “greatest President” and even compared him to Abraham Lincoln.  

Meanwhile, netizens have been empathetic towards Angelina Jolie ever since he praised the former host of The Apprentice, ET Canada. When Trump lost the 2020 Presidential elections, the actor’s clips became harsher, targeting Biden. 

He even said that Biden becoming the President-elect of the country is a “lie” and wrote that “this is now our greatest fight.” In the clip he posted last Friday, Jon Voight mentioned that Biden’s presidency posed a “great danger” to the country. 

A user mentioned that the actor had lost his mind, and his daughter could confirm so. A second user wrote that the Maleficent actress deserved a better dad than him. They wrote that even Voight did not deserve a daughter with a beautiful soul like her. 

Another netizen mentioned that whenever the actor comes to social media and writes something fascistic and embarrassing, it is easy to understand why Jolie is estranged and devoted to humanitarian activities for kids and women. 

The Anaconda actor also referred to the leadership of California as a “leftist mob.” He said so when Gavin Newsom, the Governor of the state, came up with new order for the residents to stay-at-home this Friday after there has been a rapid increase in the number of coronavirus cases in California. 

The state has also declared a travel advisory as there have been 19,000 casualties and one million cases of COVID-19. However, according to Yahoo Entertainment, Jon Voight feels that such an advisory has stripped people of their freedom and even referred to the Governor as a disgrace for the human being. The masses are siding with Angelina Jolie on this one.