Angelina Jolie has never hidden the fact about her bisexuality. An insider alleged last year that the actress was keen to explore the world of LGBTQ and has had flings with people from both genders.

After her controversial split from Brad Pitt, speculations were rife that the Salt actress was interested in dating the fairer sex. Jolie has not been one of those celebs who have hidden her bisexuality from anyone. On the contrary, the actress has often voiced the opinion that gender is not an obstacle for her. 

The actress had admitted that she fell for a woman at the young age of 20. However, she has had no qualms discussing it as she wanted others to know that she dated a woman. 

At the same time, it is a known fact that the actress has been busy with her mommy duties after her split from the Troy actor. Despite her tight schedule, a tabloid reported last year that she was in a relationship with multiple women. 

The magazine even mentioned how the Maleficent actress observed other bisexual actresses such as Miley Cyrus and Kristen Stewart while they dated other women. An insider claimed that while she does not mind what the world thinks about her, her children are the top priority in her life. 

The report did not stop here and claimed how Jenny Shimizu arranged blind dates for the actress with other women. Incidentally, Jolie had allegedly dated the other actress in the nineties. It seems the actress does not mind going out with other women now that her children are grown up. 

However, why would Angelina Jolie want to hide her affairs with other females as she has always been so candid and blunt about such relationships in the past? There is no need for her to secretly have flings with a string of women, contrary to what the report insinuates. 

The report was incorrect and ridiculous, according to Gossip Cop. According to People Magazine, the world knows that her kids are her main concern now as her custody battle with her former husband continues

In other news, netizens were empathetic with Jolie ever since Jon Voight, her dad, was full of praises for Donald Trump. The veteran actor referred to Trump as the country’s greatest President and even compared him to Abraham Lincoln.

The Anaconda star mentioned in a clip how disgusted he was with the lie of Joe Biden becoming the President of the United States. According to The News International, a user tweeted that Jon Voight lost his senses several years ago and Angelina Jolie was not on speaking terms with him