Bindi Irwin recently got rid of her wedding ring amid claims that she and Chandler Powell are having problems in their marriage. According to New Idea, Irwin hasn’t been spotted with her wedding ring at the Australia Zoo in recent months.

Initially, there were claims that her wedding ring no longer fits her because she’s already in her second trimester.

But a source claimed that it’s more likely that she and her husband are having marital problems. The insider claimed that it is only now that the couple is experiencing problems in their relationship. And Irwin’s pregnancy isn’t helping to make things better.

To make things worse, Irwin is just 22 years old, so she’s not really ready to deal with the serious problems that normal couples usually face.

The source also claimed to know how Irwin has been feeling, as well as what she’s been thinking. They claimed that the Dancing With the Stars winner has become highly emotional lately because of her pregnancy.

And even though they’re confident that Irwin and Powell will be able to handle their issues well in the end, it still feels as though everything is falling apart between the couple right now.

However, one should remember that the tabloid’s claims are just based on hearsay. There’s no indication that Irwin and Powell have been having problems in their marriage.

In fact, Irwin just shared a video from her recent ultrasound, and Powell is with her. The clip shows Irwin and Powell seeing their baby’s growth while at the doctor’s clinic.

In her caption, the animal advocate said that she’s thankful that her daughter chose her and Powell to be her parents. She also said that she couldn’t wait to meet her little bundle of joy next year.

And earlier this week, Irwin also celebrated her younger brother’s birthday with Powell.

On Tuesday, the Australian native posed at the Australia Zoo with her brother, Powell, and mom, Terri Irwin, on Robert’s 17th birthday.

Irwin’s growing baby bump is also evident underneath her zoo uniform.

She also paid a touching tribute to her brother on her Instagram account.

Other than greeting Robert on his birthday, Irwin also praised her younger brother for having such a kind heart and a fantastic sense of humor. 

She also said her unborn daughter would surely love her uncle very much. Irwin told Robert that she will always be there for him and that he's one of the brightest lights the world has ever seen.