Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell announced that they’re expecting their first child together in August.

But even before the couple made an announcement, New Idea was already claiming that Irwin was pregnant.

In July, the tabloid claimed that Irwin is already three months pregnant with her first child. If only the tabloid was correct, this means that Irwin is due to give birth sometime in January.

A source told the tabloid then that one of the indications that Irwin is three months pregnant is because she was wearing loose clothing. And the Dancing With the Stars winner is also, allegedly, beaming with pride.

The insider also claimed that Irwin and Powell were already thinking about getting married again. But this time around, their wedding will take place in California. And since Irwin’s dad is no longer around, Russell Crowe is, allegedly, the one that would walk her down the aisle.

However, Gossip Cop immediately debunked the tabloid’s claims by saying that Irwin couldn’t have possibly been three months pregnant in July. Following her announcement in August, Irwin also said that she was in her first trimester.

And just a few days ago, she revealed that she just entered her second trimester. This means that the tabloid’s claims are incorrect.

On September 22, Irwin and Powell revealed that they are expecting a baby girl together. And since the Australian celebrity is already in her second trimester, her baby will most likely be due sometime in February.

The rumor-debunking site also busted the tabloid for publishing dubious claims about the Irwin family. But the truth is, they don’t really know much about the Irwins.

The tabloid previously claimed that the reality TV star is expecting twins, but she’s not. And then they made an even more absurd claim by saying that Irwin is pregnant with quadruplets.

And if this wasn’t dubious enough, New Idea also disrespected Irwin’s mom, Terri by saying that she was once in a love triangle with her husband, Steve and Crowe.

At one point, the tabloid also claimed that Powell and Irwin would relocate to the United States so that he could be closer to his family.

However, it is important to note that none of these stories are true. Irwin and Powell are staying in Australia. Terri wasn’t in a love triangle with Crowe. And Irwin is only expecting one child early next year.