Terri Irwin has, allegedly, banned Bob Irwin from meeting Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell’s firstborn child.

According to New Idea, Bob has been estranged from his late son’s family for years. And now that he’s 81 years old, he’s desperate to make amends with them.

Bob is, allegedly, sad over the thought that his grandchildren are growing up without him around. And he’s even sadder that he was unable to attend Bindi and Powell’s wedding.

Steve Irwin’s dad is certain that he won’t also be welcomed into the life of his great-grandchildren because Terri has made it clear that he’s banned from having a relationship with their entire family.

Still, Bob, allegedly, has the slightest bit of hope that he could one day meet his great-granddaughter. After all, he feels that it's only right for Bindi's daughter to meet him because he's the one that started the Australia Zoo and Crocodile Hunter legacy that she would one day take over. 

Bob is, allegedly, also hopeful that Bindi will make the personal decision to reunite with her grandfather.

The source said that Bob also hopes that Bindi would find pity because he’s been living a solitary existence throughout the past 12 years since he’s fallen out with his family.

Bob currently lives in Camp Chilli and the only time he’s able to leave the house is when he goes to his doctor’s appointment. And since he has a lot of free time, the source said that Bob talks to his son’s spirit to still feel connected to him.

According to reports, Bob and Terri had a falling out shortly after Steve’s death because they couldn’t agree on the direction of the zoo. But shortly after he retired, a statement was released denying claims of an alleged feud between the in-laws.

Last year, Bob said that he’s not attending his granddaughter’s wedding because he has not received an invitation from her.

But despite the snub, Bob told Courier-Mail that he has nothing but wonderful things to say about his grandchildren. He also said that he wants Bindi and Robert to grow up doing what they want to do and enjoy their lives and the animals.

Bob also wished Bindi and Powell nothing but the best before their wedding and said that he hopes their relationship would go really well.