Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s twins, Vivienne and Knox, have, allegedly, been the glue that’s holding their family together.

According to OK! magazine, unlikely their older siblings, Vivienne and Knox, have never taken sides amid Pitt and Jolie’s ongoing custody battle.

A source claimed that the twins are one of the reasons why the tensions between the A-listers are finally thawing.

After all, Vivienne and Knox want nothing more than to bring their parents and siblings closer, and they’re against the further division of their family.

A lot of people in Pitt and Jolie's circles, allegedly, think that if there's anyone that could encourage them to make peace, it would be the twins. 

The tabloid also claimed that even though Vivienne and Knox are twins, they cannot be more different from one another.

Vivienne is, allegedly, taking after her mom, while Knox is growing up to be more like his dad.

The twins’ personal style is, allegedly, very different. Vivienne likes gender-neutral clothes and she prefers to dress down while attending her mom’s red-carpet premieres.

Vivienne also looks up to her sister, Shiloh, who, allegedly, taught her everything that she needs to know about wrestling.

Knox, on the other hand, is, reportedly, the more artistic one between the two. He’s also obsessed with art like Pitt.

The 11-year-old also has a passion for technology, and he’s also taking robotics classes.

Knox is also, allegedly, learning sign language, while Vivienne is learning Arabic.

The twins are also, reportedly, charity-minded like their parents. They’re also very compassionate towards all sorts of animals.

Vivienne wants to grow up as a humanitarian or a philanthropist like her mom, while Knox wants to develop software and become a tech engineer.

Even though they’re both interested in acting, the source claimed that Jolie prefers if her children won’t follow in her and Pitt’s footsteps.

But while the information on Vivienne and Knox are all positive, it’s unlikely for a tabloid to know all these things about the twins. Jolie and Pitt rarely share private information about their children.

In 2008, the Maleficent star revealed that being pregnant with twins was a shock.

While speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Jolie said that she and Pitt didn’t expect to have twins. But they were immediately up for the challenge when they found out.

Just one year before their divorce, Pitt told The Telegraph that he and Jolie were aiming to have a dozen children.