Kelly Clarkson is, allegedly, dating a mystery man just five months after she announced her divorce from Brandon Blackstock.

According to Star, Clarkson is trying to hide the identity of her new boyfriend. And only her closest friends and family know who he is.

But despite her attempts to keep her boyfriend’s identity, there are rumors that Clarkson could be dating country singer, Brett Eldredge. The two artists recently collaborated on a Christmas song, and their chemistry was, allegedly, palpable.

A source claimed that even though Clarkson’s friends are thrilled that she thinks she’s found the one, they’re also worried about her.

After all, it’s only been a few months since she and Blackstock split. And they’re worried that she would become heartbroken again if she rushes into anything. As such, they’ve, allegedly, been encouraging her to slow down.

But on the other hand, Clarkson’s friends want nothing more than to see her happy. And they also know that she deserves nothing but wonderful things.

Even though Clarkson’s relationship with her mystery boyfriend is relatively new, they’re already, allegedly, planning their wedding.

The Voice coach, allegedly, wants to tie the knot in Malibu because it’s always been her dream to walk on the sand in her wedding dress.

Clarkson and her boyfriend will, allegedly, have a small wedding. This means that her fellow coaches in The Voice won’t be invited to her nuptials.

The tabloid concluded by saying that Clarkson’s friends have seen a dramatic change in her, and they’re rooting for her to get everything that her heart desires.

“They know Kelly is a dreamer and a die-hard romantic. She still believes in true love, marriage, and getting her happily ever after,” the source said.

As of late, Star is the only tabloid speculating on Clarkson’s relationship status. It’s possible that their claims are just based on hearsays.

If Clarkson is dating a mystery man or any other person for that matter, she would most likely share the news with her fans.

Clarkson has always been vocal about her struggles. But she chose her words very carefully when talking about her divorce from Blackstock last summer.

In an episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, the singer said that she wants to keep some information about her divorce private for the sake of her two kids.

She also revealed that her kids have been seeing therapists following her divorce.