Angelina Jolie is allegedly upset with her and Brad Pitt’s former bodyguard, Mark “Billy” Billingham.

Billingham currently appears in the reality show SAS Australia. And revealed that he watched over Jolie and Pitt’s kids for 18 months.

Jolie was the one that hired Billingham. And the former bodyguard said that one of the actress’s biggest concerns is her kids getting kidnapped. As such, she instructed Billingham to keep a close eye on Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne, and Knox.

But a source told Star that even though Jolie and Pitt both feared their kids would get kidnapped, the actress’s fear bordered on obsession. After all, Jolie’s home is like a fortress.

The insider also said that Jolie is upset with her former bodyguard because the only thing she wants is for her kids to have a normal life.

Meanwhile, National Enquirer published a similar story on Jolie and said that the Maleficent star has become paranoid.

The tabloid said that Jolie still has the same fear today because she knows that her millions can provide plenty of incentive for criminals to target her children.

In related news, Jolie and Pitt are still fighting for the custody of their five minor children. Last week, the A-listers made headlines after the court ruled in favor of the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood star.

According to People, Jolie’s request to have Judge John W. Ouderkirk removed from their case was denied by the court.

In August, Jolie accused the judge of failing to make timely mandatory disclosures regarding his business dealings and professional relationships with Pitt’s attorneys. The actress also accused Ouderkirk of being biased.  

Pitt’s legal counsel responded by accusing Jolie of delaying the adjudication of their long-pending custody battle. They also said that the actress had been informed beforehand of the judge’s involvement with Pitt’s lawyers.

In fact, the actress also knows Ouderkirk personally because he was the one that officiated their wedding in 2014.

Jolie fired back at Pitt and his team by saying that what matters is what has not been disclosed by the judge. In the end, the court sided with Pitt in this matter.

According to Daily Mail, Pitt and Jolie’s private court meetings started last month. During the hearing, the Ad Astra revealed that he wants to have 50/50 legal and physical custody of his kids.

However, Jolie wants to have sole custody of their children.